Terms & Conditions


All orders require a 30% deposit plus the full price of the case to be ordered. Upon completion of the order, full payment is expected prior to shipping or whilst handing over the instrument.


Decorations on fingerboard, neck and pegbox are not included in the prices of instruments other than arciliuti and theorbos.

String lengths differ from the originals in some cases.

Choice Of Materials

The prices include the use of maple, cherry, plum, cypress, and other comparable woods for the body of the instruments.
There is a surcharge of € 50 to € 200 per instrument for the use of expensive woods like ebony, rosewood, yew, makassar etc. for the body.


Cases are not included in any of the prices listed.

I can order cases with Kingham MTM Case Co. or Götz. I charge the manufacturer's current price plus handling charges.


2 years for problems caused by faults of craftsmanship.

The purchase price includes an additional adjustment of the action for optimal playability within the first 2 years. The instrument must be delivered to the Berlin workshop for this and all other adjustments and repairs.


All prices are final. According to German law, I am not required to collect VAT since i run a small enterprise.


All shipping and handling costs are at the customer's expense.